I thought I understood the Law of Attraction… but here’s what I realised …

8 years ago when I watched The Secret. I though I understood law of attraction… but here’s what I realised…

1) It’s not about your words, it’s about the way you feel.
2) Back off of the specifics, get general in the way you’re speaking to yourself, until you soothe yourself into a better feeling place.
3) Back off the efforting, and instead position yourself for allowing.
4) Tune in, tap in, and align… rather than pushing & efforting.
5) Relax. Things are suppose to go well for you.
6) It is not about action.. when you tune in to what awakens & alivens you..the action will erupt from you. Effort is never required.
7) There is only one rule , and there’s only ever one answer. Get into the vortex, get into the vortex, get into the vortex.

By Ben Lowrey

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About benlowrey

Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based fitness model, circus performer, personal trainer, handstand teacher, hen party buff butler, internet talkshow host, law of attraction enthusiast, fire spinner, stilt walker, internet marketer. More info >> about.me/benlowrey
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