Try this goal setting exercise …. you might be surprised what you come up with


Step 1. Choose two dreams you would love to achieve…

Step 2. Put on some inspiring music.

Step 3. Brainstorm 100 ideas for each idea of things you could do towards achieving those goals.


This may take between 30 to 60 minutes.

Don’t give any consideration to how practical or realistic the ideas are.┬áThe aim is to get into a creative flow and write down any thought that pops into your head.

I must emphasise, we are actively disregarding any concern for what seems realistic. If flying to work via the moon is an idea you would reject for its lack of practical realism, then you have not understood the exercise.

The aim is to put ourselves into a creative mode where all ideas are valid and no ideas get rejected. Break out of the box, take your idea generating abilities for a spin, and prove to yourself that your mind can create new action plans if required.

Me? I’m going to write 100 ideas for how I could become the highest paid fire spinner in the world, and 100 ways I could be paid to visit luxurious spas and holiday resorts in beautiful locations surrounded by nature

Ben Lowrey

About benlowrey

Ben Lowrey is a Bristol based fitness model, circus performer, personal trainer, handstand teacher, hen party buff butler, internet talkshow host, law of attraction enthusiast, fire spinner, stilt walker, internet marketer. More info >>
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